Professional Diagnostic & Technical Training Solutions


We take pride in our diverse array of partners, each representing a unique synergy that propels us forward. These dynamic alliances span industries and expertise, enriching our capabilities and allowing us to deliver unparalleled solutions to our clients.

The following is a glimpse into some of our esteemed partnerships, showcasing the depth and breadth of our collaborative endeavors. As we continue to foster these relationships and cultivate new connections, we invite you to explore the remarkable ventures that define our shared success.

Burson Automotive

Burson Automotive are Australia’s trade specialist supplier of automotive aftermarket parts, accessories and workshop equipment, and service our customers via our extensive store network with in excess of 800 delivery vehicles.

Throughout our 50 year history we have been solely involved in the automotive trade aftermarket. Our emphasis is on continued store and product range expansion together with a particular focus on giving first class, knowledgeable service to our ever-growing trade customer base. We operate in a competitive environment, and continued success is based on our superior customer service, innovation and an extensive product range.


Extensive range of automotive parts and equipment.


The Automotive Technician (TAT)

TaT is a unique platform that provides members with practical information and diagnostic solutions straight from the workshop floor. Information of the kind that you won’t find in a call centre, manual or wiring diagram.

TaT shares its information through its technical magazine, repair database, technical help service, Scan data database, diagnostic programs and training seminars.


Extensive Databases for Repair solutions,Good scan/scope data, Fault Codes, Acronyms, Technical Videos. Resources such as: Diagnostic Programs, Checklists, OEM Info, TaT Magazine & more.


Redline Efi

With over 20 years experience, Redline Efi is located in Burleigh Gold Coast and the leaders in all aspects automotive.

With specialised diagnostics for all Petrol and Diesel Vehicles, Redline Efi’s qualified technicians are able to perform an extensive variety of mechanical repairs and diagnostics.

Redfline Efi is also a Gold Coast workshop thats supports and facilitates Valhalla Industries Automotive Training courses. 


Extensive automotive services including Air Conditioning, Batteries & Electrics, Belts &  Hoses, Brake Pads & Rotors, Car Diagnostics, Exhaust Repairs, Inspections & Roadworthy Certs, Lights & Wiring, Maintenance & Log Book Services, Oil & Fluid Changes, Suspensions, Transmissions & so much more.


SetupDirect is our website design company that we highly recommend to anyone needing a hand online.

From Website builds for SoleTraders and startup companies, through to established small to medium sized businesses that want to expand. We are there to help you along the way and problem solve so you don’t need to worry about online whilst running your business.



Websites (Single Page through to more complex online shops and E-Commerce applications). Social Media and Google Marketing. Branding (Business Signage, Vinyl Stickers, Business Cards, Flyers & more!)